The Home Business Startup Guide





What You Need – And Where To Find It:

Creating “The Plans”

      • Your business plan
      • Your marketing plan
      • Your disaster plan
    • Finding the money you need
      • Borrowing
      • Venture capitalists
      • Financial “angels”
      • Government and private grants
    • Creating your company
      • Choosing a name
      • Choosing a legal form – Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation
      • Know the law
    • Work where you live – but don’t live where you work
      • Creating a work area
      • Furniture, hardware, software
      • Keeping personal and business lives separate
      • Dealing with family, friends and neighbours
      • Workplace safety is still important
      • No more water cooler chats or “let’s grab lunch” socializing
    • Surviving the financial strainĀ – and knowing the costs
      • Paying yourself
      • Setting reasonable prices

Advertising and marketing

Trademarks, copyrights and contracts

Accountants, programmers, website designers and more

The art of e-commerce

Privacy policies, terms of service, customer rights and other legal stuff