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This is a listing for 1 x vinyl decal in colour of your choice (Please select from drop down option)

With up to 4 lines of wording of your choice (Max of 9 words due to size, longer words may reduce the amount of words allowed) to fit on large wine glass area (approx max 9cm wide and 6cm high) – Please let me know the wording required in a message with your order

If you only require a single name rather than a quote, please see listing: 282223185474

Please Note
* There is no background colour to this item so the background colour will be whatever you apply it to.

To apply:

1. Ensure glass is clean and oil free

2. Peel back the clear plastic, leaving the decal attached

3. Line up decal onto glass and rub firmly

4. Peel way the clear plastic to leave the decal on glass

(Sometimes decal may not fully lift off the backing paper. If this happens you will need to rub with a credit card over the top of the clear plastic firmly until the decal sticks to the glass)

Once applied to the glass firmly, they can be washed/rinsed gently in warm water – do not soak or scrub as this will remove your decal.

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Returns Accepted

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